30 days, 0 vegetables, 99 pounds of meat, 12 poops, 42.5 hours of deep sleep, $950, and -3.1 pounds of carbon dioxide: An empirical analysis of the carnivore diet, regenerative agriculture, and the potential environmental benefit of meat.

Cattle Grazing on Pasture
Cattle Grazing on Pasture
There’s more to cattle than beef and carbon emissions

Are vegetables good for you? Is meat bad for you?

For most of us conscious eaters, these questions seem inconsequential and their answers obvious, easily confirmed by the growing trend of plant-based meat alternatives and the abundance of scientific data indicting meat for our health woes.

Athletes and celebrities like Kyrie Irving, Serena Williams, Joaquin Phoenix, and James Cameron proudly sport vegan lifestyles. Films like What The Health, The Game Changers, and…

Some controversial thoughts on the morality of eating meat. And plants.

Piglets feeding in the woods
Piglets feeding in the woods
Pigs raised outdoors and in the woods can express their instinctual behavior and benefit the land.

It started innocently enough. It was 10:23pm on a Thursday night when I saw the notification. Someone had commented on an older photo on my finsta (that’s farm Instagram in my case). It was a genuinely good-natured question about an otherwise controversial and divisive topic. I tried to answer as thoughtfully as possible in the limited real estate of my phone screen. Tapping with my thumbs turned into clacking away on my laptop keyboard. When I looked up again, it was 2:03am. My response to a simple Instagram comment turned into a 1,500-word essay. Here is that essay, because I…

From New York City to San Francisco to rural Georgia, the start of my journey from urban yuppie to country farmer

Edlin Choi holding a baby lamb
Edlin Choi holding a baby lamb
Photo by Marion Huber

Weeks later, fretfully re-reading our WhatsApp messages, I thought back to that easy summer night that somehow led to this. The debate began in Mexico City, seated in an airy restaurant in a hip part of town, as we both looked over the menu for what was meant to be an ordinary catch-up dinner. Ordinary, except she was traveling for a few months before starting business school and I had just left a high-stress San Francisco tech job, so we were both free and unencumbered.

Hungry to sample what the trending CDMX restaurant scene had to offer, I proposed a…


I left NYC + SF tech to learn how to farm in GA. I write more here: edlinbetsthefarm.com

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